This paper will first summarise few relevant projects for energy production using solar energy for Sri Lanka. Amongst these projects, the “Solar Village” will be the main focus of this paper. This will include a brief history of the development of this project through an HE Link programme in the 1990s. The pilot project started in 2008 in Kurunegala District and its tremendous impacts on social development will be discussed. Solar village concepts used to empower village communities, combat climate change issues and find solutions to social problems like kidney diseases due to non-availability of clean and drinkable water will be presented. There are 13 out of 17 SDGs (sustainable development goals as highlighted by the United Nations) embedded in this particular project by channelling new Science and Technologies towards Social development. With the help of two charity organisations {APSL-UK (Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK) and Helasarana}, another few Solar Villages are commencing soon as a replica of the pilot project.