Readers all around the world can now download a renewable energy handbook compiled by experts at Sheffield Hallam University and other institutes to help promote the clean energy technologies.

The success of the Sheffield Hallam team’s work to raise international public awareness of sustainable energy supplies has already lead to the formation of SAREP (South Asia Renewable Energy Programme) with the support from the UK Department for International Development, the British Council and the Commonwealth Science Council. This renewable energy promotional work has also attracted awards and praise including a  Eurosolar UK prize for inspiring renewable energy projects, and a Fellowship from the World Innovation Foundation.

Prof. IM Dharmadasa who is leading the project is an expert in solar energy technologies. He explains why educating people around the world about the potential of renewable energy.

“I’ve been working in this area for over 30 years but about 15 years ago, I started to promote solar energy applications by delivering public understanding of science lectures in schools and community centres in the UK. The University now works with the Commonwealth Science Council, the British Council and other bodies around the world. Our work ranges from laboratory and desk research to field work and lecture halls, developing and encouraging new technology, enhancing awareness and starting demonstration projects that can help reduce poverty in rural areas. By making this handbook free to download wherever you are in the world is an effective and environmentally friendly way of sharing some of the knowledge that my colleagues and I have built up. The team is hoping to develop this handbook to a comprehensive product as the Renewable Energy sector matures with time.”